Saturday, February 1, 2020

Comparing and Contrasting 2B or not 2B and Digital Media in Changing Research Paper - 1

Comparing and Contrasting 2B or not 2B and Digital Media in Changing Language - Research Paper Example In fact, texting has been confirmed to be one of the leading activities that have generated a lot of revenue for most telecommunication companies around the globe. Easy access to mobile phones to youths and school going students and pupils has seen increased use of text messages. This has raised concerns and has even led to debates on the issue of texting and how it would affect learner’s ability to read and write. Teachers and other experts in the field of education would want to know whether the use of text as a form of communication improves or negatively affects the literacy skills of the learner. Some people including authors have condemned texting and even gone an extra mile termed it as a digital virus. Texting has been associated with the invention of and access to mobile phones and personal computers with,n the past 20 years. This writes up looks at some of the reasons as to why texting has been condemned by various people and some of the devices facilitating its prol iferation within the young generation. In relation to 2B or not 2B, texting has been seen as an innovation that is destroying the English language. In fact, it has been perceived as an aspect that not only savages sentences but also rapes vocabulary in English. In addition to this, some writers say that texting encompasses poor spellings, hides dyslexia and is a clear indication of mental laziness in those using texts as a form of communication. People who employ texting as a form of communication make use of abbreviations, digits and even shortened words. Some authors and writers have seen no novelty in these aspects. They oppose texting because they believe that some of its aspects are meaningless and can be understood by people of one generation. An example of this is the use of texting in among the youths who are conversant with some of the texts used. On the other hand, parents and the older generation may not be able to connect some of the numbers, words or even short forms us ed to get the right meaning of the text.

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