Friday, February 14, 2020

Legal application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Legal application - Essay Example It is essential to properly communicate with drawl of an offer to the offeree. Moreover, a revocation need not be in any particular form. An offer is considered to have been revoked if communication to the effect that the property has been sold reaches the offeree. Such a communication of revocation is valid, even if it is delivered to the offeree’s residence, place of business or agent. A valid contract results if the offeree accepts the offer before its revocation. Some exceptions are first, option contracts, in which the contract has to be kept open for a specified period of time and in which the offeror receives consideration for keeping the offer open. Second, firm offers, in such contracts the offeror cannot revoke the contract till such time as the expiration date of the contract is not over (Twomey 2004, p. 266). To prevent revocation of an offer, an option can be secured by a separate contract to make the offer irrevocable for a specified period of time. In Errington v Errington and Woods (1952) 1 KB 290,1 All ER 149 CA, the Court decided that a unilateral offer could not be withdrawn once performance had commenced, even though there would be no binding contract if the performance was left incomplete. Jack offered to sell a mobile phone to Cameron on the 2nd of October, stating that this offer would be valid for a week. Cameron informed his brother that he was interested in accepting Jack’s offer. On the 3rd of October, without the knowledge of Cameron, his brother gave this information to Jack. On the 4th of October, Jack, sold the mobile phone to Chad in the presence of his flatmate. This flatmate informed Cameron about this sale on the very same day of the sale. On the 5th of October, Cameron delivered a letter of acceptance to Jack but later in that day Jack informed Cameron that he had already sold

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