Saturday, November 2, 2019

ART Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 6

ART - Essay Example Two heads of a raven were carved and positioned in a way that they appear to be like a horns or ears. These have the same colors as well that with the black color being dominantly used, giving a perfect match for its function. Brown twisted cords were used for the feathers which complement not only the colors but the mask as a whole. In totality, the artwork gives the picture of birds that could be scary not only in this mask but in reality as well. As the galokwudzuwis is considered a monster by the American Indians, cranes are known to be predators of small animals like rodents. Ravens on the other hand have a similar diet but in addition portray bad luck as they are believed to represent death because of their color. This piece of work attracted me because of the beauty the colors brought to it. However, it could also be pretty scary to be looking at it intently because it brings a chilling effect to the nerves especially as I ponder on what the birds represent. This could well be appreciated in the context of art appreciation but could really be challenging looking at it for a long time. George Walkus is a rare

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