Friday, November 29, 2019

gettin money Essays - Forest Ecology, Plant Life-form,

Esperanza describes the four skinny trees outside her window. The trees, she says, are the only ones who understand her, and she is the only one who understands them. Like her, they have been put on Mango Street where they don?t belong. The trees are skinny but strong, with deep roots, and they talk to Esperanza while she sleeps. When she feels weak, she gains strength by looking at the trees. Esperanza gains strength of character by the many negative things that she sees on Mango Street. Each incident is an opportunity for her to hang on to her optimistic views in spite of her limitations on Mango Street. Seeing the four skinny trees especially increases her desire to leave Mango Street and lay new roots somewhere else. Esperanza feels a family spirit with the four skinny trees beside her house. They are tall, thin, and have pointy elbows, just like her. They do not belong where they are planted, but continue to strive nonetheless. "Their strength is secret. In this vignette Esperanza is describing four skinny trees that are overlooked and under appreciated. Cisneros uses powerful personification techniques that not only create vivid images but trigger intense reactions. Her words trigger despair and hope, fear and courage, strength and weakness. Esperanza is connected to these trees on an emotional level because what she is imagining in these trees is what she sees in herself. The trees served as emotional guides teaching Esperanza to have confidence. Esperanza sees herself in these trees, with skinny necks and pointy elbows like mine? (pg.74). She sees these scrawny trees trapped in the concrete of Mango Street and can relate because she too is stuck in the concrete of Mango Street. Esperanza sees a parallel between her and the trees and imagines these trees with souls and emotions that reflect her own. She perceives the trees as full of anger, ?They grow up and they grow down and grab the earth between their hairy toes and bite the sky with violent teeth and never quite their anger? (pg.74). It is apparent that these trees aren?t really angry but that Esperanza is embedding her hidden rage into these trees. Cisneros vivid personification makes the trees strong symbols of Esperanza?s emotions, her anger, fear, inconsequence and also her hope, courage and importance. When Esperanza was ready to give up, she looked at the trees, and they told her to keep, keep, keep, and keep. The trees taught Esperanza perseverance, which would d efinitely help her achieve success. She would talk to them when she felt lonely. It was almost as if the trees were her family members. The concrete by the tree represents Esperanza parents not letting her move making her stay like the trees in the ground. They advise Esperanza not to hang around with Sire, a neighborhood punk, and Esperanza?s mother tells her never to be ashamed of herself like she was when she was younger. Her parent?s show that value of education is highly by sending their children to a private Catholic school they can barely afford. Esperanza may not like where her parents have chosen to live, but at least their home is safe and puts a roof over their head. Esperanza thinks her only way to escape this hideous neighborhood is marriage.

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