Wednesday, November 6, 2019

buy custom Ingram essay

buy custom Ingram essay This paper will give a detailed account of how technicians can ethically deal with objectionable files on computer systems by first exploring what these files are, their types, origin, how they can be detected and appropriate ways of protecting machines of them. These discussions will however base on normative ethics as applied to determine what is right or wrong in this specific field. Objectionable files are unwanted content that may find their way in to a computer system or program. The problem of objectionable content is universal and millions of computer users all over the whole world are faced with it (Nick, 1999). Computer technicians are therefore charged with ultimate responsibility of ensuring that all unpleasant materials are eliminated from computers. Technicians especially those who specialize in this particular field have the ability to point out the specific files essential for the computer system and those with harmful or explicit content and get rid of them appropriately. Ingram (2004) asserts that these objectionable files are very harmful not only to the computer system but also to humanity especially children. They are a bad influence because pornographic content on the internet on the computer system can easily initiate them into immorality and other forms of sexual violence. Viruses and Trojan horses have harmful effects on the computer system depending on what they were specifically designed for. Being software programs, they are capable of performing operations just like other programs that run the computer. They damage other important files or interfere with normal computer operations. There are other forms that just spread themselves in the computer system but also harmful as they end up corrupting other files. Ethics presents itself when individuals reflect on the purpose and implications of their acts. Consequently ethical theory approaches apply to everyone on daily basis and in every environment. Computer technicians, due to the nature of their must apply ethicaal theories to govern their handling of objectionable files. The most appropriate approach of ethical theory that applies to this situation is normative ethics. Normative ethics seeks to determine morality standards which define wrong and right other than dictating the way one should act to purse what is right (Ganguly, 2010). Objectionable files like viruses and pornographic content should not be tolerated and therefore normative ethics dictate that technicians must use appropriate ways of getting rid of them to be morally right. The society still respects the rights of children and they should be protected from all scenes that can corrupt their minds. Viruses negatively affect the working of computers and therefore they have to be removed (Ganguly, 2010). These are the proper standards which have been defined as valuable and if exercised, they go a long way in ensuring harmony at work. It is morally wrong for computer technicians to expose children and computers to objectionable content. However a good technician will do as discussed below. Buy custom Ingram essay

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